Layout Club

Layout- the signature hustle play in Ultimate, to make a full speed dive for the disc.

The Layout Club was formed in October, 2014 to support Grady Ultimate. The Layout Club is comprised friends of the program: players, former players, parents and anyone who loves Ultimate and is interested in promoting and supporting this great sport in our public schools.

Layout membership is open to all individuals who wish support Grady Ultimate Gauntlet (GUG) in becoming the top public school ultimate program in the country!  We request that all families with a current player join Layout each year. An annual contribution in the amount of $50 is kindly requested, but every donation helps.  Pick your contribution level and join today!

 2017 Layout Club Membership

Thanks to the following Layout Club Members for your financial support of GUG in 2017!

Jack Paddock
Sophie Rivard
Sam Rose
Adam Miller
Camilla Kasper
Theodore  Sifnaios
Ariel Simons
Dhruv Mehra
Jarrett  Ely
Sean Sweeney
Julius Levine
George Lefkowicz
Jacob Greenhill
Remy Pair
Kavi Jakes
Sho Dixon
Anjali Crosby
Ben Ortega
Wheeler Tinney
Wilson Bradley
Callie Thweatt
Yvonne Eldridge
Annis Barry
Bud and Barbara Warner

Layout Club:
Hammond Family
Anna White
Jaden Medley Fowlkes
Switzer Family
Miles Pearlstein
Robert Weimar
Chanler Family
Smith Family
Lori & David Drake
Victoria Borda
Paddi & Michael White
Mary Needham

Gauntlet Guardian:
Dusenbury Family
Downey Family
MC Jenkins

Grady Knight:

 Mission Statement

The Layout Club’s mission is to provide financial and volunteer support to the coaches, players, and high school representatives of the Ultimate team. We seek to build and promote school spirit, athletic excellence and good sportsmanship, to develop character-building relationships among the student athletes, coaches, teachers, parents, and other ultimate teams with whom Grady competes.


The Layout Club’s purpose is to:

  • Support the ongoing success of Grady Ultimate.. on and off the field.
  • Cooperate with GHS’s administration and teachers, as well as students, players and parents and friends of student players to promote and support Grady Ultimate
  • Increase awareness of Grady Ultimate
  • Solicit donations/grants and raise funds to financially support and sustain Grady Ultimate for the long term.
  • Organize events that support and promote unity among GUG teams
  • Generate volunteerism for GUG
  • Raise funds necessary to operate the program. Player fees do not cover the full cost of operation on annual basis.

 Club Leadership

Layout Leadership is responsible for implementing the goals set forth in the Layout Mission Statement and Purpose. There are four elected members of Leadership : President; Vice President; Secretary; and Treasurer. In addition, the Faculty Representative shall be a non-elected member of Leadership . There are also several Standing Committees who support the initiatives defined by Leadership.  A list reflecting Leadership members and Standing Committee members and designated chairpersons will be maintained by the Secretary.

Elections for The Layout Club officers are held at the first Layout Club meeting each fall. Following are the officers for 2015-16:

President Will Shevlin
Vice President Susan Edlein
Secretary Traci Switzer
Treasurer Annis Barry

Members are referred to the Layout Club Operating Guidelines for a more thorough understanding of the organization.  For more details click HERE.