Inman Middle School

Inman Eagles Ultimate is a huge part of the GUG family…here is some cool info on the program.


Inman Eagles Ultimate 2016 Champions!


Fall 2015 Green Team Roster: AG Church, Becca Pirkle, Ben Ortega, Benton Shevlin, Callan Cucchi, Cole Chanler, Cole Parker, George Lefkowitz, Griffin Richie, Jack Palaian, Jha’Quez Wright, Josh Brenner, Kavi Jakes, Malori Switzer, Neil Barry, Sam Rose, Scott Whitley, Trevion Snipes.

Fall 2015 White Team Roster: Adam Attia, Alex Pindeda, Alex Swift, Ariel Simons, Avery Li, Caleb Norwood, Colin Stanley, Devon Phillips, Dylan Johnson, George Smalley, James Washington, Jeremy Gailor, Julius Levine, Keir Shelton, Osa Sajna, Owen Mork, Sam Lewis, Spencer Cody, Sudev Dongol, Will Albright, Zoe Frizzell.

Coaches: Andy Church, Ronnie Jakes.
Grady Assistant Coaches: Mack Hodges, Eavan Hendry, Mazie Switzer

Inman Ultimate History:

2007: Coach Paddi White starts team in 2007 with support from Inman Coach Derek Hooley and Paideia Coach Michael Baccarini. 28 players compete against only 2 other middle schools, Galloway and Paideia. Inman loses, but has the Frisbee bug…

2008: There are still 3 teams—Inman, Galloway and Paideia. Many of our kids return. Inman does not win any games, but scores are much closer.

2009: Sutton & Henderson join league for total of 10 teams. After 2 building years (6th graders are now 8th graders), Inman is undefeated. Inman splits into 2 even teams at tournament and both Inman teams make it to semis and win—it’s Inman v Inman in the finals and Inman wins 1st ever Middle School Tourney! George Cameli is Asst Coach for next 2 years.

2010: It’s a building year as strong 8th graders leave team. Holy Innocence & AIS join league. 4-3-2 regular season. One Inman team makes it to semis, losing to Henderson.

2011: Two more schools join league: Druid Hills & ICS. 6th graders cannot play on Club team—Rich Pearlstein coaches IM team of 21. Club team has undefeated season. Inman wins semis—but loses to Paideia’s A team in finals.

2012: Elkins Pointe joins fun; AIS and ICS drop out. 17-2 regular season. 10 teams in tournament. Top seeds Sutton and Inman face each other in the finals and Inman becomes 1st 2-time Middle School Tourney winner!

2013: Rich Pearlstein coaches Club team, Paddi White coaches IM. 10 teams in tournament. Club team makes it to semis, losing to eventual tournament winner, Galloway.

2014: Paddi White and Andy Church co-coach Club team of 20, Grady HS assistants coach IM team. Sixth graders are once again allowed to play on the team. Inman has “undefeated season” with just 1 mini-game loss to Paideia. Seeded 1 in the tournament, Inman takes finals against Decatur, a new team in the league, and is 1st 3-time Middle School Tourney winner!

2015: Andy Church and Ronnie Jakes co-coach 2 teams totalling 40. MS league institutes 6-1 rule with 1 girl playing on field at all times. League expands to 15 teams from 12 schools. Grady HS boys AND girls assist. Green Team has 4-0 regular season; seeded 1 in tournament, team comes back from 0-5 in the half to beat Paideia 9-7 for 3rd place! White Team has 4-1 regular season; seeded 3 in tournament’s B bracket, team beats Henderson 8-7 to finish 3rd in division!

2016: The Inman Eagles Green Team takes 1st Place in the Division! Thanks again to dedicated coaches, Andy Church and Ronnie Jakes. This was the largest turn out in Inman Ultimate history, with a total of 75 players, 25 on the Green Team, 50 on White Team, and the most girls yet! The future looks bright!